The Salmon Fish

Fish World | The Salmon Fish | Salmon is the common name for several species of fish in the Salmonidae. Several other fish in the same family are called trout, the difference is often said to be the migrating salmon and trout are resident, but this distinction is not strictly hold true. Salmon live along the coasts of both North Atlantic (one migratory species Salmo salar) and Pacific (approximately a dozen species of the genus Oncorhynchus), and have also been introduced in the Great Lakes of North America. Salmon are extensively produced in aquaculture in many parts of the world.

Sabre-toothed blenny Fish

Fish World | Sabre-toothed blenny Fish | The saber-toothed blenny, Aspidontus taeniatus, is a species of blenny that the "dance" of Labroides dimidiatus simulates a kind of the same color cleaner wrasse. The fish tricks in offering their abdomen are cleaned. Instead of eating parasites from the scales of the fish, the saber-toothed blenny bite the victim and rush away. Fish in the past affected thereby attacking other blennies innocent attempt to provide them.

Rainbow Trout - Oncorhynchus mykiss

Fish World | Rainbow Trout - Oncorhynchus mykiss | Rainbow trout are known for their fighting qualities, making them one of the most popular sport fish freshwater in the world. Rainbow trout are from America and were introduced into New Zealand in 1883. Rainbow's average can reach 50cm (20 inches) tall and weighs about 3 kilograms (6.5 pounds). This athletic fish can easily Waterfalls 3 meters (10 feet) upstream during their spawning run clear.

Beauty Raccoon butterflyfish, Chaetodon lunula

Fish World | Beauty  Raccoon butterflyfish, Chaetodon lunula | The raccoon butterflyfish, Chaetodon lunula, also known as the crescent-masked butterflyfish or lunule butterflyfish is a species of butterflyfish (family Chaetodontidae). It is found in the Indo-Pacific region and in the southeast Atlantic. The length is 20 cm (nearly 8 in).

Queen triggerfish

Fish World | Queen triggerfish | Balistes vetula, also known as the queen triggerfish, reef dwelling fish is one of the Atlantic. It is occasionally caught as a gamefish, and sometimes kept in marine aquariums. This fish is called cochino in Cuba, and this is the probable origin of the Bahía de Cochinos name, known as the Bay of Pigs in English.

Queen parrotfish or Scarus vetula

Fish World | Queen parrotfish or Scarus vetula | Queen parrotfish or Scarus vetula species widely distributed in the western North Atlantic, and it is common. Even though caught in the multispecies fishery, there are no major threats to this species known. It is listed as Least Concern.

Amazing Piranha

Fish World | Amazing Piranha | Piranhas belong to the subfamily Serrasalminae, which is also closely related omnivorous fish such as pacus. Traditionally, only the four genera Pristobrycon are Pygocentrus, and Serrasalmus Pygopristis considered true piranhas, due to their specialized teeth. However, a recent analysis showed that if the piranha group is monophyletic, should be restricted to Serrasalmus, Pygocentrus and part of Pristobrycon, or extended to these taxa plus Pygopristis, and Catoprion Pristobrycon striolatus contain. Pygopristis appeared to be more akin to Catoprion than the other three piranha genera.

Pink Salmon - Oncorhynchus gorbuscha

Fish World | Pink Salmon - Oncorhynchus gorbuscha | Pink salmon are the smallest of Pacific salmon found in North America with an average weight of between 3.5 and 5 pounds, with an average length of 20-25 inches. As with all members of the family salmon, pink salmon are cold water fish. They are also the most numerous and Pacific salmon are commercially harvested and canned in Alaska since the late 1800s. Young pink salmon are completely black with no dark vertical bars or spots. In the ocean, adults are bright green-blue on top and silvery on the sides.  

Jellynose fish

Fish World | Jellynose fish | The Jellynose fish or tadpole fish, the small order Ateleopodiformes. This group of ray-finned fish is monotypic with a single family Ateleopodidae. It has about a dozen species in four genera, but these enigmatic fishes in need of taxonomic revision.

Pretty Jawfish

Fish World | Pretty Jawfish | Jawfish belong to the family in the order Perciformes Opistognathidae. FishBase lists 60 species are currently divided into four genera: Lonchopisthus, Merogymnoides, and Opistognathus Stalix.