The Zebra Turkeyfish, a carnivorous ray-finned fish

Fish World | The Zebra Turkeyfish, a carnivorous ray-finned fish | The Zebra Turkeyfish (Dendrochirus zebra) is a highly poisonous fish. It lives in the Indian and Pacific oceans. The fish has 13 poisonous spines on its back, is used to look for themselves. The fish is slow and quiet, but a danger. The fish is in dark places like under a rock or a piece of coral. They are not affected by another's poison. They are some fish that are not afraid of anything, because they have no predators.

Zebra Turkey Fish, also known as the Lion Fish is a carnivorous fish. It can be found in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. It has thirteen poisonous spines on his back that he uses to protect itself, although they are immune to poison each other. They have no known natural enemies, so they instinctively rest. They are slow moving fish.
These fish, and those in his family, all thirteen venomous spines on its back, used to defend themselves. They are also immune to poison each other. These fish like to live in dark areas such as: deep in the ocean, under stones / shells, etc. They can either deviuos, but also soft.
Found on coral, rubble, or rock bottoms of reef flats in the coastal areas to outer reef habitats in sheltered lagoons and caves, sometimes in small aggregations. Usually shallow, from 3-60m, but also reported to 80 m depth. Pelagic stages travel great distances and expatriate to sub-tropical areas.

Specification :

Scientific name: zebra Dendrochirus
Family: Scorpaenidae - Scorpionfish
Where Found: Ocean
Size: 11.7 inches