Zebra Trout

Fish World | Zebra Trout | The zebra trout (up to 25 cm) and the Falklands minnow (up to 8 cm) are native to the Falkland Islands. The zebra trout is protected by law and can not be fished.

This is a smallish fish (upto 30cm in length) which is native to the Falklands Islands, being found in rivers and streams. Little is known about the fish, eg. how long it lives, where it lays its eggs, what it eats or if it spends some of it’s life at sea – like brown trout.
It gets it’s name from the black vertical lines on their sides.
Over 100 years ago the brown trout was introduced to the Falklands as food. This is a larger fish that competes with the smaller zebra trout for food and may even eat the native fish as well. Due to this the Zebra trout is in decline here in the Falklands.